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Top 7 best Spa in Jaipur | Best Massage Parlour in Jaipur- Updated 2019

Pink City is one of the favorite destinations for holidays and is in the list of best tourist destinations in India. The city gives you a wide range of choices to explore the historic architecture and to know about the life of royals and their lavishness. One of the major things during that time was the reliving massages or we can say wellness spa. So if you are coming to Jaipur for some best spa in Jaipur and to get some soothing massage in Jaipur through these well-equipped, rejuvenating, relaxing spas and experience the luxurious treatment.

Here is the list of some of the best Spa in Jaipur for relaxing your body stress:

  1. Zivaya Spa

Zivaya Spa

Zivaya spa is located in the center city of Jaipur and is considered one of the best spa in Jaipur. They provide the most really amazing and offer you with a wide range of services starting from Royal Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Javanese Pampering, Swedish treatments, Hand and Foot Massage, Potli Massage. Ā They even provide convenience services of pick and drop from home. So if you are looking for some best Thai massage then Zivaya is your ultimate destination.

  • Address: C-81A, Azad Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur
  • Website: zivayaspa.com
  • Open in google maps
  1. O2 Spa

O2 Spa

Based in Hotel Marriot, O2 Spa in the list of best Spa in Jaipur is a luxurious one to feel traditional massages. This is a place where you get all kinds of massages like aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, Thai Massage, Swedish massage, neck and back massage, skin therapies such as facials, cleansing facials, skin relaxing facials, etc. So, if you are looking for something for rejuvenating spend some time here for relaxing your body, skin, hair.

  1. Kerala Ayurveda Kendra

Kerala Ayurveda Kendra

Kerala Ayurveda Kendra one of the best ayurvedic spa in Jaipur is a centre which provides all kinds of therapies like Panchkarma Therapies, Herbal Steam, Abhyanga Massage, and Shirodhara, soul healing ,Stress Management Therapies with de-stressing massages and massages for insomnia and special packages for obesity, rejuvenation and beauty treatments through detoxification and purification of skin. The Ayurveda center also treats customers who are suffering from joint pains, Arthritis and also who are looking for medicinal and healing therapies for their lost vigor and vitality.

  1. Jiva Spa

Jiva Spa

Jiva Spa is located in the luxurious Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur and is considered as one of the best luxurious spa in Jaipur. This spa has a serene touch and is decorated with a royal touch. This regal retreat offers you some of the best wellness and beauty therapies that are inspired by the ancient techniques of Vedas. Few of their signature therapies are Chandanā (skin cooling therapy)Sushupti (De-stressing treatment)Trupti(complete massage for the entire body), Vishramā (relaxing massage with herbal oils), Vishuddi (complete healing and cleaning therapy with Vedic chants for body, mind, and soul).

  1. Ganga Thai Spa

Ganga Thai Spa

Ganga Thai Spa one of the amazing spa in Jaipur has three branches in Jaipur Vaishali Nagar, Shyam Nagar, and C Scheme. This spa and wellness center offers treatment to relieve your stress. The spa offers you all kinds of massages, traditional therapies, and foot reflexology.

  1. Chakrapani Ayurveda

Chakrapani Ayurveda

Chakrapani Ayurveda is not like regular spa centers unless it is an Ayurvedic center located in the heart of Jaipur city. This Ayurveda junction is known for its home treatments and therapies which are based on Ayurvedic treatments and are among the best spa in Jaipur. All the therapists here are well trained and are master in ayurvedic massages. The training to these therapists is provided by qualified doctors and lecturers of Ayurveda. In this spa, all the products are chemical-free and are clear safe for the skin. The services provided here are paint management, beauty therapies, full-body packages, rejuvenating massage therapies.

  1. White Candle Spa

White Candle Spa

One of the most lavish spa in Jaipur, White candle Spa is an exotic set up of relaxation and other body treatments. The spa has all kinds of therapies from Thai to Balinese massages and much more. People can enjoy here services like Thai Massage, hot stone massage, De-Stress Massage, Hand and foot refreshing Massage, Abhyangam, etc.

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