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whatsapp marketing in jaipur

WhatsApp has emerged as the most common app for communication on mobile platforms. Nowadays, almost everybody with a smartphone and a stable internet connection has WhatsApp installed on their phones. There are so many features available on WhatsApp, that make the whole process of marketing and promotion easier. An average person opens the WhatsApp app, 23 times or more in a single day. Hence, the chances of your marketing/brand’s advertisement/text getting read by your targeted person are much higher in WhatsApp than in any other mode of marketing.

As more and more brands/organizations are shifting to marketing and advertising through WhatsApp, the more number of fraud companies promising to do the same service is increasing. To stay away from fraud and fake marketing agencies, we advise you to make Jaipur Fever WhatsApp Marketing in Jaipur, the first choice for handling your business. With our World-class marketing team, your dreams of going big will soon not seem far away.


Below we are presenting a list of reasons why you should consider Whatsapp Marketing in Jaipur for promotion and advertisement:-
1. WhatsApp supports and allows to type messages in almost all the languages available in the world. Hence, you can target a set of customers from a particular region and send them your brand’s messages in their regional language for better communication.
2. Whatsapp is a free app. Our company charges a minimal rate for helping you with your WhatsApp marketing.
3. People can send unlimited number of texts without any hassle. There is no character limit too. Hence, bulk marketing becomes easier through WhatsApp.
4. Messages and texts are sent and delivered almost instantly considering a stable internet connection is available.
5. There’s no plugin required and WhatsApp is a Global app.


1. Customized, well-curated contents with 1000 character text, accompanied by 1 image, 1 audio, video if required, and a single PDF file with more information.
2. All contents are written by our expert content writers, who take time in understanding your company’s motto and demands. The writings are kept simple yet elegant and creative to attract our receivers to read the content.
3. Images and videos are developed and edited well to receive optimal impressions from our potential customers.
4. Our company helps you to send up to a million WhatsApp messages per day. This helps you in expanding your reach to almost a million people every day and thus increases profit.
5. To not have any server error and to eliminate issues like WhatsApp getting hanged due to overload, we have a redundant number of networks for sending messages.
6. Our Whatsapp marketing services come at an affordable rate so that big, as well as small companies can take its benefits.


Our team of WhatsApp Marketing in Jaipur consists of experienced and knowledgeable members, who have learned through years of practicing. We have delivered our services to many small and big brands/firms to date. Loyalty and transparency define us. Through our years of hard work and dedication, we have earned the trust of thousands of our clients. The contents and marketing strategies that we deliver are incomparable. We promise to serve you our best. For more details, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to enlighten you about us.


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