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Pushkar Camel Fair-2019 All You Need To Know Before Visiting

  • September 29th, 2019
  • Vinnie Sharma

Pushkar Camel Fair popularly known pushkar mela is held every year at the time of Kartik Purnima (November) in the town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. This fair is one of India’s most highly-rated travel experiences, attracting thousands of camels, horses and cattle and visited by over 400,000 people over a period of around fourteen days. It’s a seven-day colourful festival that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Apart from trading and livestock there is cultural performances, exhibitions, magic shows, bridal competition, and many more.

pushkar camel fair

Dates of Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel fair will start from 4th November and will continue till 12 November 2019.

Where is Pushkar camel fair held?

Pushkar Fair or pushkar mela is held in the beautiful town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. The city of Pushkar is situated to the northwest of Ajmer. This city offers tourists a wide range of rich architectural heritage, activities, and experiences. The fair takes place near banks of the Pushkar Lake.

Pushkar Camel Fair Entry Fee: There is no entry fees as such.

Pushkar Camel Fair Timings: From 9:00 A.M to 5 P. M Approx

Detail about Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is the largest camel fair which is 100 year old mela. It is an annual multi-day livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India).  The Pushkar fair is one of India’s largest camel, horse and cattle fairs. It is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, the full moon day of Kartik (October–November) according to Hindu calendar. Camel Safari and Horse Safari are one of the magnificent experience. People take bath in the holy water of Pushkar’s lake in order to absolve their sins.

Men trade their livestock, which includes camels, horses, cows, sheep and goats. Rural families shop at the handicraft stalls full of bracelets, clothes, textiles and fabrics. A camel race starts off the festival, with music, songs and exhibitions to follow. This is a once in a lifetime experience which one should not miss. During the fair, one can spend time with the locals and get a deep insight into rural India into its pure form. Over the years, the fair has found an honourable mention in Rajasthan Tourism.

 Pushkar Camel Fair

Things to do at Pushkar Camel Fair

Although the Pushkar Mela is the world’s largest cattle fair but there are other events also that are main highlights of this fair too. These events and activities will drill and enhance the entire experience of the fair and will leave you with some unforgettable memories.

The Harmony Half Marathon

The Harmony Half Marathon is one which you would not be missing in Pushkar Mela. This year the run will follow the same route of 21.1 Kms, starting from Dargah Ajmer Sharif and ending at the Pushkar Stadium ground. This is the second edition of the Harmony Half Marathon. The first edition was held in 2016 and this year the numbers for participation are expected to grow to much larger.

Pushkar Glamping Experience

This is one of the best thing to do in Pushkar camel Fair. The tented accommodation at the Sky Waltz Camp offers a choice of air conditioned and non-air conditioned variants of luxurious glamping stay. The amenities on offer are sure to make this a unique experience.

Hot Air Ballooning

The thrilling hot air balloon is one of the most interesting activities. Watching the entire city and the scale of the mela from air is simply breath-taking. Sky Waltz Balloon safari organises the Pushkar International Balloon Festival. Guests can book hot air balloon rides or simply watch the International teams doing hare balloon race.

Cattle Fair

The cattle fair is one of the major highlights of Pushkar Festival, Rajasthan. There are camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep – all decked up in vibrant colours to be sold and purchased.

Delightful Handicrafts

During the Pushkar Mela there are variety of traditional stalls. With so many women around the Pushkar Mela, showcases traditional silver ornaments, bead necklaces from Nagaur, garments of patchwork, printed textiles from Ajmer, colourful Rajasthani fabrics and footwear.

Elevated Sitting Area

This year the Pushkar Fair has specially designed Elevated Sitting Arena with tented viewing galleries for visitors. Designed with comfort in mind, this arena has all modern amenities which visitors may require to enjoy their Pushkar experience. This includes a clean and hygienic sitting environment, comfortable settings, a lounge like atmosphere and amazing view of the city.

Holy Dip

The Pushkar lies in the fact that Lord Brahma the creator, once performed sacrifice for creation of the universe. He threw a lotus flower to select a suitable site for the said ceremony. The flower struck at Pushkar and water sprang up from there giving shape to the sacred lake of Pushkar. Each year during Pushkar Mela, pilgrims come to the lake and perform religious activities.

The Sunset Safari

The Sunset Safaris in Camel carts through the desert land will bring a limelight to your pushkar trip.


pushkar camel fair

Accommodation During Pushkar Mela

Accommodation here in Pushkar Fair is amazing. The Camp Bliss tents herein offer everything for luxury living. Their spacious Swiss tents are of traditional hand block-printed heavy canvas. The interiors have areas for sleeping and dressing and a separate bathroom with hot and cold water, washbasin, shower etc. But if you don’t want to experience the tent accommodation no need to worry because pushkar is the hub for some of the best hotels and resorts in Rajasthan. You can try some amazing hotels in pushkar which are luxurious and beautiful.

Places to see around during Pushkar Camel Fair

When you are in Pushkar to enjoy the Pushkar Mela you must visit other places which are around Pushkar and are worth visiting during your Rajasthan trip.

  • Ajmer: Ajmer is one of the oldest cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located at the centre of Rajasthan, and is home to the Ajmer Sharif shrine. So when planning for pushkar camel fair you must visit this beautiful city.

Places to explore: Ana sagar lake, Ajmeri Dargarh, Birla water park etc.

  • Jaipur: Jaipur the pink city and capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan is a beautiful and heritage city to visit when planning for pushkar camel fair.

Also Recommended: Places to visit during Jaipur Trip

Places to explore: Ana Sagar lake, Ajmeri Dargah, Birla water park, etc.

  • Udaipur: Udaipur which is also known as the “City of Lakes” is a must visit place if you are being part of pushkar mela.

Places to explore: Fateh sagar lake, badi lake, city palace amd many more.

pushkar camel fair

How to reach Pushkar?

Here is the detail to reach Pushkar easily by various means of transport for Pushkar camel fair.

  • By air: The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport which is 146 KM from pushkar.
  • By train: Pushkar Terminus Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of 11km from pushkar.
  • By Road: Pushkar is connected to some of the best national highways of Rajasthan. Regular buses are there from the major cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer etc. for pushkar.

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