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Top 10 Best Dance Classes in Jaipur With all The Details like Fees and Timing

Hello Readers. Welcome to Jaipur Fever. Do you live in Jaipur? Do you wanna learn how to dance? Do you need to learn hip-hop, classical, Bollywood or even garba? or you are already a dancer and you need a teacher to learn more? There are many dance classes in Jaipur enrolling in which, you could pursue your dream of dancing with the best teachers available in every genre of the dance form. Let us check out some of the best dance classes available in the city.

Here is the list Of  Best Dance Classes in Jaipur

1. Buskers Dance Institute:

Buskers Dance Institute, Jaipur

With one of the highest ratings available on the Internet, Buskers Dance Institute is one of the most recommended dancing institutes in Jaipur. This dance class has famous Bollywood dance sessions which are one of the best in the city. The institute is present in Surya Marg, Raja Marg, and other centres in Jaipur and you can find them on Google maps. The contact number is – 9152-361971.

2. 8 Steps Dance and fitness Studio:

8 Steps Dance is also one of the most famous and recommended dancing institute present in Jaipur if you’re interested in enrolling in one. Present in Shivaji Nagar, Civil Lines, Jaipur this institute provides dancing and fitness teachers for your daily dose of fitness. If you are willing to stay fit and in shape, or you need to learn a new dance skill this summer, just contact on the number provided. Contact no. is 9152-254005.

3. The ITA school of Performing arts:

The ITA school of Performing arts, Jaipur

Situated in Bapu Nagar, The ITA school of Performing arts is one of the top institutes of Jaipur for various forms of arts and classes at the same building location. This school has various arts training like painting, drawing and of course dancing.  You can find this institute in University marg, Kailash Nagar, Jaipur. Acting, dancing etc are the USP of this school. You can contact them on 9152-242465.

4. Rangrasiya:

Famous for western dance forms, which of course goes contrary to the name of the institute, Rangrasiya is a popular place for learning various forms of dancing skills in the city of Jaipur. The centre of attraction of this institute is the Western Dancing classes they provide. Situated in Adarsh Basti, Gali no. 4, Barkat Nagar, Tonk Phatak, Rangrasiya is a choice for many people in Jaipur. Contact no. 9152-224751.

5. The Dance W.A.R.F.:

The Dance WARF, Jaipur

The Dance WARF is a popular place if you want to learn Garba or if you are a great garba fan. This institute also has a lot of votes and a lot of positive reviews which makes it a choice for all dance enthusiasts as does the mouth of the word for every one of your known. Kamagra 100mg te koop in Nederland Online The Dance WARF is situated in Nirman Nagar, Jaipur. Contact this institute for Garba: 9152-254239.

6. Dreamers – The Dancing Palace:

One stop for Dancers, choreographers and learning professional dancing skills. This place is famous for choreographers, meditation, boys, girls, women, Zumba, Dance and much more or if you want to learn how to train dancers etc. Also, if you want to learn a perfect wedding dance, this is a great Kamagra Oral Jelly na sprzedaz w Polsce Online place for it. This place is situated in Chitrakoot Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. The contact number is provided below: 9152-479753.

7. Spark Dance and Health Conservatory:

Spark Dance and Health Conservatory

The Spart Dance and health conservatory is a one spot place for all the Health, Fitness and Dieticians along with Dance classes which is situated Near Amit Bharadwaj petrol pump, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. The main centre of attraction of this place is Zumba, fitness and Dance. If you want to get fit and stay in shape, this is one of the best places for you to visit in Jaipur. Contact info: 9152-488321.

8. Venus institute of film and media:

Present in C scheme in the pink Jaipur city, Venus institute of film and media is popular for its Bollywood style dance classes and acting classes under the same roof. This provides various forms of freestyle Bollywood dance forms which most of the enthusiasts are fond of. The three main areas of expertise, this school has is – Acting, dancing and drama for women and children of all ages. It is situated in Yudhishtir marg, C Scheme, Jaipur city. Contact: 9152-278974.

9. The Culture Dance studio:

The Culture Dance studio

The Culture dance studio, famous for its dance and aerobic sessions, is one of the top dance classes in town. If you are interested in aerobics, this is the perfect place for you and that’s for sure. This place is also very popular for its western dance along with hip-hop, folk, b-boying etc.  This is situated in Lhua mandi road, Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur. Contact: 9152-687969.

10. Kabila: The Dance studio:

The Kabila is most famous for its home training and Zumba classes along with dancing sessions in the city of Jaipur. They provide dance and Zumba classes at home and schools which is great when you want a big crowd to learn Zumba. This training centre is situated in Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur. Contact for learning at home: 9152-898754.

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