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Top 6 Best Bakery in Jaipur- Updated 2020

  • February 6th, 2020
  • Vinnie Sharma

Pink city is not only known for its heritage culture or their traditional food but it has been induced themselves into sweet tooth too. If you are looking for some best bakery in Jaipur for someone special then here you go. In this list, you will get all the details regarding great bakeries which serves you best among all.

Here is the list of best Bakery in Jaipur for delicious cakes and cookies:

  1. Brown Sugar

brown sugar best bakery in jaipur

Brown Sugar is more than just a cafe or a cake shop. This is one of the amazing hangout place. In the list of best bakery in Jaipur this place is a food paradise and one stop solution to your bakery needs. The café cum bakery has a live casual setup with strong emphasis of comfort with value for money meal. They have large variety of dishes in their menu. From refreshing ice-tea to hot and fresh breads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, sizzlers and much more, they have got everything for you.

  1. Nibs Café and Chocolataria

nibs cafe best bakery in jaipur

The essence of Nibs Cafe & Chocolataria crafts sweet moments well packed with deliciousness in abundance. In the list of best bakery in Jaipur, Nibs Café has delicious chocolates crafted to precision or finger-licking cuisines with a unique blend of dewiness. From Chocolates To Bakers, And Now With A Full-Fledged Cafe Setup Nibs Has Ventured Into Cakes, Confectionery And Many More.

  1. Miss Bakers

miss bakers best bakery in jaipur

Miss Bakers is in the list of best bakery in Jaipur and is known for designer cakes with great decorations.  The theme of the shop is classic pink and white in addition to it has open ambience. The bakery is known for its amazing cakes and they have specialty in Red Velvet Cake. Some more delicious cakes they have are Oreo Cheesecakes, Banana breads and home- made chocolates.

  1. Bake hut

bake hut best bakery in jaipur

Bake hut is one of the finest bakery in Jaipur which offers the widest range of egg-free products. Bake Hut has been satisfying the sweet tooth of Jaipurites with its delicious cakes . They specializes in organic wheat products like wheat burger buns, wheat pizza bread, wheat Pao bhaji buns. They have the widest range of pastries, mini pastries, desserts, shot glasses mini doughnuts, live Chocolate fountain, live making of cakes, puddings, shortcakes and much more live making of chocolates also by their expert chef’s.

  1. Cake ‘n’ Cookies

cake n cookies best bakery in jaipur

Cake ‘n’ cookies one of the best bakery in Jaipur is known for its baking gourmet cakes from scratch, wrapping them beautifully, and delivering them to their customer’s doors. They have delivered to birthday parties, office parties and holiday parties. Each cake is made from scratch with only the finest, all-natural ingredients

  1. The Feast

the feast best bakery in jaipur

Whether you are looking for your dream wedding cake or a custom cake creation, cakes or cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, or just a few pastries for an after-dinner dessert, the Feast is the place to go and is among the best bakery in Jaipur. They create some of the finest cakes, pastries, and cupcakes someone can find today.

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